Your Life’s Story Reveals Itself To The World

More than ever Telling Stories to others, is more imperative now. Today, television, movies and video games compete with the old-fashioned story-telling which in many cases do not provide us with adequate and wholesome entertainment.

Unlike TV, movies, and video and computer games, story-telling also offers the following benefits:

Story-telling develops an atmosphere of communication and establishes bond between the storyteller and their audience.

Story-telling heightens and develops one’s imagination, thus making them creative.

Story-telling teaches us the art of story-telling itself, the use of language, and the art of communication.

Story-telling benefits both the story-teller and the one who hears it, since story-telling is a shared experience that both the story-teller and the listener enjoy and learn and delight from.

Story-telling also teaches indirectly how to live morally and righteously from the persons point of view.

Stories to tell the world is a compilation of classic stories by people from around the world that have a story to tell us.